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Installation of SIM Sticker

Follow these steps for our SIM Sticker’s one-time installation:



the Interfone Global SIM Sticker off the
card by peeling back the transparent
film till the stop line.


Your SIM Sticker should lift from the tray
by sticking onto the transparent film

2. Place

your SIM into the tray, with the gold side
facing up.


3. Stick

the Interfone SIM Sticker onto
your SIM, by putting the transparent
film back down.


Press the film gently onto your SIM, by putting
the transparent film back down.
Press the film gently onto your SIM card to attach
the Interfone SIM Sticker on top.

4. Peel

the transparent film back again.


Your Interfone SIM Sticker is now attached
to your SIM card.


Insert your SIM into your phone. Your
phone should now detect the Interfone
Global SIM Sticker, and “INTERFONE
HOME ON” should be displayed on your
device’s home screen.


My Interfone App

After installing your Interfone SIM Sticker, download the My Interfone App and sign in with the account details that were emailed to you.


You’ll be able to use the My Interfone App to switch between ‘HOME’ and ‘AWAY’ mode before your flight, manage your account credit, and check out our competitive rates for data and calls while you’re on the go.

Check your Balance
Top-Up your Account

Have the
at your

Check Your Balance

Keep track of your spending and data-usage

Top Up Your Account

Manage your credit and select from our range of cost-saving packages


Check out rates in real-time for calls, texts, and data in all the countries where we operate.

travelling abroad?

To set up your device, follow these steps pre-flight:

switch to
away mode

Sign in to the My Interfone App with your
account details.


To start using Interfone’s roaming services,
switch from ‘HOME’ to ‘AWAY’ mode using the app.


Then, restart your device.


check your

When you’re travelling with ‘AWAY’ mode activated,
your status on your device’s home screen should display:

change your mobile

To enable data roaming, always remember to


(i) Change your APN settings
(ii) Enable your mobile data and data roaming


To do this, please follow these steps:



> Mobile Data

> Enable Mobile Data

> Mobile Data Options

> Enable Data Roaming

> Select Mobile Data Network

> Change APN to <Interfone> (case sensitive), leaving the username & password field empty



> Settings

> Mobile Networks

> Access Point Names

> Add

> Change name and APN to <Interfone> (case sensitive)

Calls Large

Change your mobile settings

To activate your data or buy a package in ‘AWAY’ mode,
select ‘Activate Data’ on the My Interfone App.


> If you have a Wi-Fi connection, follow the instructions on the App.

> If you do not have a Wi-Fi connection, you’ll receive an SMS from us with step-by-step instructions on how to buy or activate your data package.



Alternatively, you can activate your data or buy a package in ‘HOME’ mode before travelling. All you need to do is make sure that you have a data connection, and then remember to switch to ‘AWAY’ mode when travelling to enable data roaming and start using the package.

making calls

With Interfone’s SIM Sticker, you’ll retain your original number for both incoming and outgoing calls.


Dial as you would normally from your phone’s keypad, being sure to include the country code and area code of the number you are calling.


You’ll hear our “We Connect” Tone as we connect your call.


Send and receive text messages via your special Interfone

Welcome Back Home


When you are back home, switch to ‘HOME’ mode on the My Interfone App. Your device should automatically connect to your home carrier’s network.


Make sure that the call forwarding function has been switched off by checking your mobile settings.


When you’re at HOME with ‘HOME’ mode on, your status on your home screen should display: “INTERFONE HOME ON”


The Interfone SIM Sticker will not interfere with your mobile services, and we’ll even route your international calls through the Interfone network to make sure you get the most affordable rates.


We’ll even keep your leftover balance so you can use it next time you travel.

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