With Interfone, you’ll be able to realise big savings for your organisation today.


Your team will be able to enjoy access to our high-quality and cost-effective platform when they use the Interfone SIM.


Besides making international calls from home, and during travel, your team will also be able to enjoy data roaming overseas when they use our services in almost 100 countries, without incurring costly roaming expenses.

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> Incoming Calls

> Data Roaming

> Sending and Receiving SMS

Key features


keep your

Make and receive local and international calls with your original number. No additional SIM card or accounts needed.



Connect in almost 100 countries. Access Facebook, e-mail, messaging and social apps easy and affordable while on the go. No Wi-Fi necessary!



Save up to 90% on call expenses with the Interfone network for incoming and outgoing roaming calls. Big savings on data too!

An International Roaming SIM Sticker That Keeps You Connected

When you’re traveling across international borders for business, things that you might have taken for granted in your own country can become much more difficult to arrange. For example, a mobile phone plan that is both functional and fairly priced at home can become otherwise when international roaming charges kick in. With providers often over-charging by multiples of the standard domestic rates for voice, data, and even mere text messages, the resulting bill-shocker can turn into a case of undesirable frustration.


To save on cost, some business travelers seek out and use local SIM cards in the countries they are in at the moment. While that can yield some savings, it might be cumbersome and can lead to your missing out on business-critical calls or important email subjects due to the failures of low-quality providers. Switching to a local SIM card also means you’ll have to take on a new number, which could disrupt your communications in painful and unacceptable ways.


With Interfone, you’ll be able to realise big savings when traveling for business. Say goodbye to being over-charged for international roaming or having to employ the use of a different SIM card. Interfone’s SIM sticker will connect you to the best local networks in almost 100 countries – and all this without ever having to change your SIM card.

A Better Option for International Travelers

With the introduction of Interfone’s international roaming SIM sticker, the goal of being able to enjoy the same kind of reliability and cost-effectiveness when abroad as when working at home has finally been realized. It can now be easy and affordable to transition between a domestic plan and affordable, high-quality options elsewhere in the world.


Interfone’s international SIM Sticker works by standing between the contacts of an existing SIM and the phone itself. When you’re at home, the card simply relays the usual SIM information to the phone, allowing it to make use of your existing domestic plan.


When abroad, all you have to do is use a convenient mobile app to signal the switch, causing the special SIM to emulate a new card appropriate to the country in question. Instead of needing to hunt down a separate local SIM for each destination – while hoping that the service will be of sufficient quality – you can count on being connected through a carefully maintained network that’ll live up to even the most demanding requirements. Keeping the same telephone number as always, you’ll get to enjoy far lower rates – along with uncompromising service quality and uninterrupted access.

Focus on Things That Matter

Forget paying far too much for mere megabytes of Internet connectivity – Users of Interfone’s SIM Sticker get to enjoy the same attractive rates that smart shoppers in almost 100 countries around the world obtain. Instead of needing to take on a new phone number with every border crossing just to avoid exorbitant roaming charges, you’ll gain the ability to keep the same digits wherever you might go. Only the best and most capable providers make the cut to become part of Interfone’s network so whether it’s in terms of voice, text, or data roaming, service quality is always guaranteed by the hard work put in behind the scenes.


Gaining access to all these important advantages is also as easy as might be hoped. The special SIM Sticker can be installed easily in minutes, simply fitting in place atop an existing card. Once it has been installed and an account set up, all you need to do is use a simple, provided mobile app in order to toggle between the two modes as needed.


Interfone’s SIM sticker provides a comprehensive, uncompromising solution to a problem that has plagued business travelers for many years. Roaming charges can now become a thing of the past, while service quality is guaranteed all over the world, without needing to ever switch numbers or worry about any other associated details.


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