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Interfone is a Singapore based company founded in 2013, with a dedicated team of 10 employees. The shareholders include one Australian and two Danish investors.


With high costs and the hassle of existing roaming solutions in the market, Interfone set out to create a convenient and affordable method for travellers to communicate with their friends, family, and colleagues.


Using innovative SIM technology, the Interfone SIM Sticker now provides a hassle-free roaming solution, while allowing travellers to enjoy high quality and cost-effective voice and data services without ever having to buy a local SIM card at their destination.



The Interfone SIM Sticker is less than 0.5 millimeters thick and is attached to the back of your local operator SIM Card in a one-time application.


With an infrastructure extending to almost 100 of top mobile operators globally, our thin, high-tech SIM microchip works seamlessly to connect you to the best network, allowing you to use data, and make and receive calls, when you’re roaming.


When you make a call using the Interfone SIM Sticker, we route your calls to Interfone’s local gateway, ensuring you get the best experience and rates.

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