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Save up to 95% on international calls and when roaming from your mobile phone.
Works everywhere where you have network coverage.
No WIFI or mobile broadband (3G) connection needed.


International Calls

Cheap international calls directly from your mobile phone using GSM, 3G or WIFI when you are in your home country. Call as you  always do.

We connect you anytime, anywhere – just much cheaper.

Roaming Abroad

Interfone travels with you so that you can enjoy great savings when abroad. Enjoy great savings abroad wherever you have a network connection.

We connect you anytime, anywhere in the world – just much cheaper.


Interfone is a truly global service. Our infrastructure covers more than 50 countries  in Asia, Europe and America where you can call as you always do. In all other countries you can also use our  WIFI or call back services – we connect you anywhere, anytime.

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